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WORKOUT ANYTIME Carries Strong Momentum into Q4
The fitness brand signed a franchise-best 12 franchisees in the third quarter.

As people flocked to gyms this summer to fine tune their beach bodies, so too did entrepreneurs looking for a profitable business opportunity.

A franchise-best 12 franchisees signed on to open WORKOUT ANYTIME locations in the third quarter of 2015. Randy Trotter, vice president of development, said the growth is a great sign for the exercise brand as it enters the final quarter of the year.
“We’re up over 50 percent for a typical quarter and we’re already seeing strong growth for Q4,” he said. “By the end of the year, we intend to have 100 clubs open.”
After opening in 1999, WORKOUT ANYTIME began franchising in 2006. Created by fitness veterans John Quattrocchi and Steve Strickland, the brand was founded on providing members with first-class facilities at the most affordable rate possible, while still driving profits for franchisees.
Now, WORKOUT ANYTIME has 84 locations with another 20 units in development. Just over 63 percent of its owners are multi-unit franchisees, though the fitness brand doesn’t push those owners into purchasing more locations. Regardless, WORKOUT ANYTIME continues to see success and Trotter said he believes it’s a result of a strong business model.
“If you look at our franchise model, it’s almost a bulletproof concept,” Trotter said. “Our top grossing markets are in South Carolina and Chicago, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in a large market or a small market. I think our franchisees appreciate our model and make the most out of their opportunities.”
One of the advantages of owning a WORKOUT ANYTIME is the flexibility the premise provides.
Unlike restaurants that experience food waste, or delivery services that require a fleet of vehicles, the simplicity of the WORKOUT ANYTIME model offers monetary freedom and a convenient lifestyle. Additionally, personal training and vending options give franchisees multiple revenue streams to increase profits.
“Many businesses can require up to 60 employees to run the place at any given time,” he said, “But WORKOUT ANYTIME only requires two or three people, that’s all you need for WORKOUT ANYTIME. You don’t have the same costs of some of the bigger health clubs because you don’t have to hire a lot of employees for the facility to operate smoothly.”
WORKOUT ANYTIME recently entered Las Vegas, Nevada; Kansas City, Missouri; Cleveland, Ohio; and Portland, Maine. Trotter said the Atlanta-based brand intends to branch into Texas, California, Oregon and possibly Canada, among other locations.
“The future of the fitness business is a based on value. We strip away deterrents by offering consumers an affordable $15 month-to-month membership rate,” Trotter said. “There’s also the $25 premium plan, which includes access to tanning beds, HydroMassage, training and fitness evaluations. We’re not limiting where we’d like to establish a presence because everyone can take advantage of what we have to offer.”