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The News-Herald: WORKOUT ANYTIME Celebrates Success in Morganton, NC
Owner Stephen Jackson elaborates on early-2017 opening and becoming a member of the community

Franchisee, Stephen Jackson, opened the first WORKOUT ANYTIME in Morganton, NC earlier this year and so far has seen great appreciation from the community. 

Josh Moses, the General Manager at WORKOUT ANYTIME, stated, "We wanted to create a gym atmosphere for the community where everybody felt comfortable and motivated to pursue their fitness goals regardless of experience level.”

The gym is staffed from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. but members have access to the gym at all hours of the day. The Morganton location has a variety of members. 

“I’ve seen people who are doing rehab, people who have just had surgeries, people recovering from gastric bypass surgery and people who are training for body building shows,” Moses told The News-Herald. “The age limit is 12 years old, and one of the older ladies we have is 86."

You can view the entire article here.