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South Dade News Leader: Local Entrepreneurs to Bring WORKOUT ANYTIME to Homestead
The brand is bringing its affordable, 24/7 concept to the community this spring.

With New Years resolutions slowly fading away, WORKOUT ANYTIME is giving a reason for locals to get back on the health train. Jerry Pugh and Edward Williams are opening WORKOUT ANYTIME in Homestead this spring so locals now have a gym right around the corner, open 325 days a year and 24 hours a day.

"We will have the best workout per square foot right in Homestead," Pugh told the South Dade News Leader reporter. "Our members will feel comfortable here, made to feel welcome, and get a great workout. Think of it like the bar 'Cheers' except we're a gym."

Pugh will run the day-to-day operations of the gym and Williams will remain in his hometown in Tennessee. 

"Our goal is the same as the corporate goal which is to provide a first-class facility at the lowest possible cost," Pugh told the reporter. "If you need to come early before going to work or stopping in after is better, we'll be here."

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