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WORKOUT ANYTIME Franchisee Pursued Her Passion for Fitness By Investing in WORKOUT ANYTIME in Tennessee
Debbie Presley is gearing up to open her first WORKOUT ANYTIME gym in Gallatin, Tennessee this summer.

Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, Debbie Presley was restless.

Unsure of what she wanted out of a career, she dropped out of college to become a travel agent. It was a role she held for several years. Then, after having her second child, she took on a variety of jobs throughout the school system so she could be closer to her children. But none of them were fulfilling, and she was hungry for something more.

That’s when she tapped into her long-time passion for fitness. Years ago, Presley experienced significant weight loss after dropping 30 pounds by simply working out. She fell in love with fitness and the healthy lifestyle it awarded. So once her children got a little older, she realized she’d be able to go back to work doing something she truly enjoyed.

“I have been a health advocate my entire life, and I’ve always looked at working out as a way to better myself both physically and mentally. It had never occurred to me that I might be able to turn that passion into a career—until I discovered franchising,” Presley said. “I realized that my purpose in this life was to help others. Franchising—especially with brands in the fitness industry—would give me the opportunity to do just that.” 

Presley started exploring different business opportunities. First, she won a few classes to a local gym that focused on high-intensity workouts. She was intrigued by the concept, and she looked into investing in the brand—but she quickly discovered that long term success with the franchise just wasn’t attainable. Then, she came across WORKOUT ANYTIME.

“When I learned about WORKOUT ANYTIME and their model, I fell in love with it. It allowed me the opportunity to fulfill my goals while also providing a healthy option for the community,” Presley said. “That feeling was only strengthened after visiting the corporate team. I could tell how amazing they are and how much support they offered their franchisees. WORKOUT ANYTIME truly provides a personal experience to ensure members do not feel just like another number, and it also establishes a relationship that really encourages people to exercise.”

Today, Presley is gearing up to open her first WORKOUT ANYTIME gym in Gallatin, Tennessee this summer. She’s confident that the strong demand for another fitness facility in the area will fuel the new business’ membership numbers—to date, there’s only one other gym in the town that’s home to more than 30,000 people. 

Presley is one of many franchisees currently growing with WORKOUT ANYTIME throughout Tennessee and across the country. Last year, the brand crossed the 100-unit mark, which is something very few franchisors can boast. Today, it has more than 120 locations, and it’s already well on its way to opening the next 100 gyms as WORKOUT ANYTIME continues to build strong business momentum.

“We’re experiencing tremendous growth right now. And it’s franchisees like Debbie who are passionate about our industry and fitness who are driving the WORKOUT ANYTIME experience forward,” said Randy Trotter, WORKOUT ANYTIME’s vice president of development. “Our main goal is to set our local owners up for success and help them get their businesses off the ground. Year after year, it’s clear that our model works, and we’re excited to bring our concept to new communities and consumers in partnership with our franchisees.”