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WORKOUT ANYTIME Secures Location and Nine Months of Free Rent for Franchisee Interested In Developing in Fayetteville, West Virginia
The leading fitness brand is looking for a franchisee to open an already secured site in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Business is booming for WORKOUT ANYTIME. The independent fitness leader is opening gyms across the country at record rates, and recently celebrated the launch of its 100th location. Now, to keep that momentum rolling, the brand is looking for new ways to grow. WORKOUT ANYTIME is on the hunt for a franchisee to bring the brand to West Virginia in a pre-determined location.

Securing a gym site before having a franchisee in place is a new concept for WORKOUT ANYTIME. But the brand’s done its homework when it comes to the West Virginia market, and is confident that the franchise will be a success. So when they found a space in Fayetteville, they couldn’t pass it up.

“This is an experiment that we really think is going to work. By identifying the real estate before finding a franchisee, we’re kind of doing things backwards,” said Randy Trotter, WORKOUT ANYTIME’s Vice President of Development. “But doing it this way ultimately allows us to open up in West Virginia sooner than we anticipated because the location has already been approved. It gives our future franchisee more time to build a business and establish the brand in the community.”

Real estate has always been a major point of focus for WORKOUT ANYTIME. The brand knows that location is crucial when it comes to determining whether or not a franchise is going to work in a specific market. That’s why WORKOUT ANYTIME looks at everything from nearby parking and traffic to a complete demographic breakdown of the population when it considers a new region for expansion.

“We’re extremely active in commercial real estate—we almost go overboard,” said Trotter. “We’ve built relationships with developers in the industry that enable us to get better deals for the people who buy WORKOUT ANYTIME franchises. That’s why we’ve never had any failures.”

It’s impossible for prospective franchisees to find a better arrangement than the one WORKOUT ANYTIME offers. There’s an unmatched level of flexibility—if franchisees want to keep one foot in their professional careers, they can sign on to be semi-absentee owners. Franchisees also typically don’t have to worry about paying rent for the first nine months when they sign with WORKOUT ANYTIME, and the new West Virginia location is no exception. The brand will cover those costs right off the bat, allowing three months for site construction while giving the franchisee another six months to build up a membership base after they open their doors.

WORKOUT ANYTIME is already investing its time in West Virginia because it strongly believes in its growth potential. As soon as a franchisee teams up with the brand to open a new gym in the area, business will start rolling in.

“The Fayetteville area is a perfect market for us,” said Trotter. “We’re confident that once we have an early adopter in place, WORKOUT ANYTIME will continue to expand throughout the state. We’ve proven time and time again that out concept works when it’s married to the right piece of real estate, and there’s no doubt that West Virginia and WORKOUT ANYTIME are the perfect union,” said Trotter.

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