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The WORKOUT ANYTIME Franchise Opportunity
“Think big. Keep it simple. Do it with integrity.”

Those are the guiding words of John Quattrocchi, co-founder of WORKOUT ANYTIME. Together with Steve Strickland, John and Steve have drawn from their 40 years of industry knowledge to create a proven, ready-to-run business opportunity for your success.  Here’s why WORKOUT ANYTIME is the right opportunity for you

  • The WORKOUT ANYTIME system operates with low-overhead and delivers high customer satisfaction.
  • WORKOUT ANYTIME clubs fit into a range of retail spaces, can be run by a tiny staff, and offer the best workout per square foot in the industry.
  • Unprofitable amenities like the pool, spa, courts, aerobics classes, and childcare have been eliminated in favor of a $15 no-commitment price that keeps members onboard month after month after month.
  • Strong Average Unit Volumes demonstrates the WORKOUT ANYTIME's proven system for both member success AND franchisee profitability.

Atlanta-based WORKOUT ANYTIME is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week fitness concept with over 100 units across the U.S. Founded by fitness veterans John Quattrocchi and Steve Strickland, the company was formed to provide members with first-class fitness facilities at the lowest cost possible, while delivering a profitable and affordable business model to franchisees. Built on the founders’ motto of, “think big, keep it simple and do it with integrity,” WORKOUT ANYTIME is preparing for significant expansion into new territories by providing opportunities to business-minded entrepreneurs. Franchise opportunities are available and more information can be found on the WORKOUT ANYTIME website.

Franchisee Valerie Daniels
Franchisee Brian Casey
How Much Can You Make with WORKOUT ANYTIME?

As with every franchise opportunity, success is a combination of the industry demand, the franchise system/model, and each individual owner’s efforts and work ethic.  WORKOUT ANYTIME is selective in its franchisee awarding process so that they can ensure they are partnering with individuals that share their values, our mission, and their willingness to do what it takes to be successful.  With those criteria in place, we’ve been able to achieve high levels of success.  Their Average unit volume of $464,215 per the 2016 FDD with 30 clubs exceeding this average.*


*Please the see the Item 19 of the WORKOUT ANYTIME Disclosure Document for more information.  This website and the franchise sales information on this website are not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. They are for informational purposes only. The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Certain states require that we register the FDD in those states. Such registration, or exemption, does not constitute approval of the information in the FDD by that state agency. The communications on this website are not directed by us to the residents of any of those states. Moreover, we will not offer or sell franchises in those states until we have registered the FDD (or obtained an applicable exemption from registration) and delivered the FDD to the prospective franchisee in compliance with applicable law.


Start-up costs to open a WORKOUT ANYTIME vary from market to market based primarily on the cost of real estate.  The overall investment ranges from $351,300 to $836,500.  This includes a one-time franchise fee of $29,500.  As with most franchises, we do collect a 4% royalty on gross sales to cover our ongoing training and support, and for continuing use of the franchise license, marks, etc.  More information can be found in the Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. 

The WORKOUT ANYTIME Leadership Team

Steve Strickland, CEO, Co-Founder & Director

John Quattrocchi, President, Co-Founder & Director

Mark De Gorter, Chief Operating Officer & Director

Randy Trotter, Sr VP of Development

Wanda Johnson, VP of Operations

Dennis Holcolm, VP of Franchise Support

Greg Maurer, VP of Fitness

John Carsillo, Director of Construction

Why I Bought

For 32-year-old Brooks Rankin, owning a fitness club is about more than just providing a clean space with quality equipment. Rankin focuses on creating a culture benefitting everyone, from the members and guests to the staff and owners.

Growing up as an athlete with a fitness-minded family, exercise and wellness have always played an important role in Rankin’s life. His family’s strong background in medicine also fuels his passion for using exercise as a means of preventative medicine. An internship at a private club in California followed after working at a gym during college. Then, Rankin and his family went on to open a gym in 2010 in Pennsylvania. From there, Rankin consulted for—and worked at—eight gyms (of all different types and sizes) over nine years.

When a fellow fitness industry consultant introduced the WORKOUT ANYTIME concept to Rankin, he was immediately interested. Backed by a decade-long fitness career, he recognized the uniqueness of the concept.

“I looked into it and quickly realized the brand is unlike any other fitness chain I had seen,” says Rankin. He also found that the brand’s simplified business model and easy, 24/7 access for customers was unparalleled.  Now that Rankin is on board, he’s ready to spread the concept and open it up to more potential members.

“The end goal is to open multiple locations and create a regional option for the communities we serve,” says Rankin of his plans to expand and develop more WORKOUT ANYTIME fitness centers. He recently signed a lease to open another location in Hampton, New Hampshire, where construction just began. Rankin is excited to bring the fast-growing concept to New England, and he hopes to eventually live out his dream of residing in Portland, Maine.

Click here to learn more about Brooks Rankin. 

Executive Q&A

Q&A With WORKOUT ANYTIME’s VP of Development, Randy Trotter

What about WORKOUT ANYTIME makes it unique within its industry?

WORKOUT ANYTIME is a “value priced” 24-hour health club.  The WORKOUT ANYTIME system operates with low-overhead and delivers high customer satisfaction. Our clubs fit into a range of retail spaces, can be run by a small staff and offer the best workout per square foot in the industry. Unprofitable amenities like the pool, spa, courts, aerobics classes and childcare have been eliminated in favor of a $15 no-commitment price that keeps members onboard month after month after month.  Stared in 1999 with over 200 signed franchises sold and 115 + units open in 17 States, WORKOUT ANYTIME is positioned at the forefront of a booming and growing industry.

What have been some of the brand's most important milestones over the past five years?

The opening of our 100th location was a major milestone for us as a brand. We opened up those first 100 locations at a record rate, but the second 100 will go even faster. Now that we’ve reached this level, we always have our sights set on the next milestone.

What plans does the brand have in the coming years? 

2016 was a record year with 40% growth on new club openings.  Our goal for 2017 is to sell 100 franchises and open 50 new units.

What does an ideal franchisee look like?

Our ideal franchisee has a management background with skills in sales and advertising.  Currently we have pilots, insurance executives, pharmaceutical professionals, bankers, physical therapists and ex-military members working as our franchise owners.  We also have entrepreneurs who owned food franchises (burgers and pizza), and others who owned everything from car washes to pest control companies.

Most of our owners also have corporate or business backgrounds, and are looking at franchising outside of the food business.  They like the fact that we have no inventory (other than vending), and only require a small staff.  Our ideal franchisee is also wiling to follow our proven system.

Why is WORKOUT ANYTIME a good investment? 

WORKOUT ANYTIME is the best and most profitable model in the fitness space.  Our Item 19 (2016 FDD) shows over 30% net profit on two of our corporate owned clubs.  These clubs grossed over 887k in membership sales and personal training, dropping over 30% net profits to the bottom line.

Available Markets


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